Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekly Wishes

Photo by Alex

I wish...
for a rock-star lifestyle that swings and sways to its own beat. I want days that thump and clash and shatter like cymbals, smoothing out and picking up into a catchy drum beat. I want lyrical moments that cause me to swing and shout and hum out repeated choruses - I want to sway to and fro like an Egyptian queen doing the backstroke in the Nile, like an electric pink bougainvillea lit ablaze by Santa Ana winds. I want to turn life into music and music to life.

I wish... for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pomegranate sorbet served on polar white bone china.

I wish... I could spend my days painting huge, crystalized portraits of the people and things that I love, splattering tiny teardrops of paint across the canvas in my passion. I dream of electrifying simple pieces of paper with brash, emblazoned strokes of blue and green and tracing freeways of metallic gold across the whole piece like tiny pulsing veins keeping life contained inside. I wish I had more time to paint the carnival thrills and sparkling dreams sloshing around inside my head.

I wish... for ukulele days and piano jazz nights.

And so, my sugar coated bunnies, what do you wish for this week?

Penelope ♥


Lady Smaggle said...

I wish... for a sun soaked holiday with gelato, beaches and expensive art magazines

I wish... for my play to actually be has awesome as I suspect it might be

I wish... for my man to be safe on his trip to London

I wish... to eat sushi for lunch today


Casey-Scott said...

I wish ... for a burst of change to tear through my life, throwing dust in my eyes like a wild windstorm squealing across the Sahara Desert.

I wish ... for someone adorable to spend the Summer with.

I wish ... for life to hurry up, so that I can move to New York City!

I wish ... to learn German! Since my Papa passed away, I found out that I'm actually a quarter-German, I've become increasingly fascinated with German culture. Perhaps that explains my everlasting love for expressionism?

Victoria said...

Piano jazz nights sound lovely right about now.

I wish... for hot cocoa & rain every day just so I can stay inside & giggle with my friends

I wish... for the blue-eyed boy who is my cliche'd best friend to be more.

I wish... I could stop wishing for more when I have life as lovely & wonderful & smashing & ace as it can be

KayLeigh said...

I wish... for stronger motivation and less frustration

I wish... for the perfect cozy cardigan, soft fabric over my skin.

I wish... for a long glorious sleep in cold blankets and early pale sunlight to wake up to.