Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How To Make An Entrance

Ride in on a little pink vespa and park it right in the middle of the gathering + Bring your own band, complete with all the orchestral trimmings, and have them rolled in behind you when you enter, playing your favorite song + Enter with fizzing sparklers knotted in your hair + Roll up by horse-drawn carriage, all decked out with electric lights and glorious white horses + Bring your menagerie with you, carrying a tiny fawn or walking a leash of Greyhounds  + Have an unusual escort, like a costumed character or a great dane + Wear the biggest whipped cream frosted cake of a dress and walk around the event serving guests slices from it + Race in on horse-back + Dress up like it's prom night all over again, complete with a tiara, a sweet date, and an oversized corsage + Ride in on a giant Jeff Koons balloon animal + Rock a Marie Antoinette hair-do, decorating your head with feathers, ribbons, and lots of glitter + Re-enact the scene from Funny Face where Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson perform "Clap Yo' Hands"

What about you, bunnies? How would you make your grand and glorious entrance?

Penelope ♥


sparkleandglitter said...

These are great! I love the idea of riding into a party on a pink vespa :D

Ashley said...

What great fun!!!!
How about crashing through the window, do a few aerial tricks and a perfect landing?? That'd be a memorable performance.

My Stifled Laughter said...

I would march in with my marching band, spinning my rifle and blowing down people with marching tubas. :D That oughtta start the party!

Penny Lane said...

Love the cake dress idea! Brilliance!
I would probably have some sort of bright, BRIGHT outfit with flowers and like animals and creatures and a very loud but fairy tale soundtrack. The animals and I would do a choreographed dance of some sort. Mmmm... yep that sounds about right :)