Friday, October 31, 2008

Daily Outfit - Halloween Edition!

Halloween is upon us, my chocolate bunnies, which means spectacular parties, incredible costumes, and all kinds of wicked fun. Like most girls with a thing for dressing up, Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and I hate to say it but this is the first year in a long time that I haven't gone all-out with my costume. No, this Halloween I'm playing it simple - I'm a modern day fairy, complete with cowboy boots and a winter coat.

My wings didn't stay up very well!

+ Handmade babydoll dress
+ Faux-fur coat from a second hand store
+ Pink wings from Target
+ Boots (not shown) from Clarks

In celebration of this glorious holiday and in keeping with the festive spirit, I bring you this tiny little Halloween trinket that I found while scouring the great big internet. Those of you with a gushing crush on Bollywood will be especially ecstatic!

So how was your Halloween, cupcakes? How did you celebrate, who were you with, but most importantly what did you wear?!

Penelope ♥


My Stifled Laughter said...

Celebrated with my Civil War soldier boy by trick-or-treating by eating out and then trick-or-treating in his neighborhood, then stopping by a Magic: The Gathering card party.

I was the... Cheshire cat! Purple striped socks, striped tank-top, kitty ears, and plenty of pink glitter makeup. Sadly, no tail, but that's alright. :D I had a GREAT Halloween. And that's a cute costume!

sparkleandglitter said...

I went to a house party as Amy Winehouse :D

Penny Lane said...

I think your costume is amazing dahling!

I went as the Angel of Death. I painted black wings around my eyes, dyed my hair black and purple and found the most amazing black and purple wings. They are huge! I am so excited to put them on my wall for they are truly something to behold.
Glad you had an awesome halloween!

Rachel said...

I was a hobbit, minus the bare feet.
too cold!
I wore a yellow floor-length skirt with a apron tied over it, a white shirt with frayed edges and a yellow jacket over that.
I curled my hair and put it half up, half down, and wore as little make up as possible.

A whole group of us went door to door and trick-or-treated with pillowcases, the old-fashioned way.
We had a blast!

Olivia Violette said...

Hahaha! Bollywood Thriller! Well, Z-day would certainly be a lot more interesting if we were overrun with an army of red vinyl-clad, singing, dancing, air-guitaring, Bollywood zombies. I wonder what "brains" would translate as?

I didn't have a costume (college ate my life) so at the last minute I whipped up a 1940/1950's girl, in a black skirt, red polka-dot blouse, curled hair, eyeliner, patent black wedge heels, pearls and bright red lipstick. It actually came out really nice, asides from a run in my stocking, and definately the best last-minute costume of my career!

I spent the evening handing out candy to kids and then begged sweets off my sibs when they got back. ^^

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