Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekly Wishes

Photo by Marija S.

I wish...
for big marshmallow-fluffed dresses in pastel blues and sunrise pinks. I wish for the confidence and audacity to wear these big dreamworld gowns, all speckled with champagne and the sweetest smelling perfume, on the street and to low-key parties, sweeping through open doorways in a firework-worthy entrance.

I wish... for the ability to write in perfect, lopping cursive, dotting my i's and sweeping through t's.

I wish... for daily spontaneity and a taste of the curious  - for rabbits to peek out from top hats and for awe-worthy, serendipitous encounters.

I wish... for early morning yoga and sugar-rimmed glasses of lemonade.

And in this glorious week, I have to ask... what do you bunnies wish for?

Penelope ♥


Lisa said...

I wish for chocolate.

I wish for fun and laughter with friends.

I wish for days like today when I feel in love with life and love what I do.

I wish for another pink pen - mine's run out - grr.

Penny Lane said...

I wish for energy to finish this hellish week.

I wish for spare time.

I wish for love.

I wish for a truly good song to come on tomorrow after work so i may rock away all my trouble on my drive home :)

Remy said...

Plane tickets.

My Stifled Laughter said...

I want spontaneity as well! Hm, look, Dave the chipmunk is back outside on the deck... :) That's spontaneous enough for right now.

I wish for a new maths teacher. >.>

I wish for weather to stay the way it is right now. Cool... :)

the redhead said...

I wish for good mid term grades.

I wish for sanity.

I wish for some easy laughs.

I wish for some sewing skills so I could fix a tear in my shirt...