Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekly Wishes

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I wish...
I was back in Brooklyn! I just returned from New York yesterday and already I'm incredibly homesick, not to mention missing my beautiful boy like crazy. I had such a spectacular time - we hopped between museums, went out for candle-lit dinners of vegetarian voodoo "chicken" and Shirley Temples in Brooklyn, wandered through Williamsburg and the West Village in search of curious shops, and hung around the East Village eating plantain arepas. New York is my home, my paradise, my tiny center of the universe. I belong there, and I miss it to death.

I wish... I was much better at math - I'm struggling through a trig course right now and it's absolutely killing my GPA. I'd be a wonderfully well-rounded student were it not for my inability to grasp simple calculations!

I wish... Kindness was more common in everyday life. I had a run-in with a woman a few days ago who was just so incredibly unflinching and rude, the breed of unkindness that I hadn't fully faced since middle school. She lectured me on honesty and being morally responsible while I tried to explain that I didn't even know her, that I had done nothing wrong, and the most horrifying part is that she never apologized. She never accepted my apology either. She simply finished her tirade, ignored me, and walked away from the situation. I don't fully understand why but for some reason I was so incredibly struck by the whole situation - I mean, I consider myself a pretty strong person who usually brushes things like this off, but for some reason that kind of sheer hatred just shattered me. How could someone be like that, I asked myself. Why would someone ever want to be like that? Why would you consciously attack and emotionally maim a stranger - someone who you don't even know, who has done nothing to you? People can be cruel, they can be childish in their adulthood - so sure of their maturity that they deem it acceptable to be a playground shade of hurtful, and that is simply not right. So I pledge to be different - I swear that I will be positive and kind simply because it is the right thing to do. Because, really, if I don't, who will?

I wish... for culinary expeditions and all-night diners.

As usual, you daring darling go-go girls, what do you wish for?

Penelope ♥


Scribbles said...

I wish for a spectacular weekend full of fun and surprising events... I also wish for it to be sunny.
I wish for love :)
I wish for more energy! My full on life appears to be kicking my butt a little more than I had expected.
I wish for a bouquet of flowers... I'm such a girlie girl!

hyper-faerie said...

Hey Penelope!!!! I adore your blog and I'm a longtime reader but haven't figured out the commenting thing until recently because while I have an LJ, I don't have a blog on *this* site and didn't think I could comment because of that.

Anyhow! I think it sucks that the woman was so rude to you. I've often wondered myself why people can't be nice to their fellow beings, and why they look at you really funny when you do something nice and try to break that barrier between human walls which we erect. Or even worse, when they stare at you and make you feel freakish for your quirks (I have mild Tourette's syndrome so I've gotten my fair share of this :P)

My wishes:
*Beautiful fall weather with pretty leaves (I go to college in MA and the foliage here is amazing!)
* Free time to take a nice walk in said weather and then go out for lattes and yummy pumpkin-cinnamon-spice foodstuffs that they have in coffeeshops this season :D
*That my copy of "How to (Un)Cage a Girl" arrives soon!!
*A pretty Venetian-style carnival masque for Halloween
*To get closer to this utterly adorable guy in my poetry class with whom I'm becoming increasingly smitten :D
*A whole day spent curled up in bed watching really good indie films

My Stifled Laughter said...

I absolutely cannot stand bitter and angry people as well! it just doesn't help anyone and creates a negative aura in everything. I understand, Penelope...

I wish for a new math teacher- he just doesn't teach my style. My grade is the manifestation of such...

I wish I had more time for my boyfriend. We're both so busy, I haven't hung out with him in 3 weeks!

I hope you have a good week!