Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekly Wishes

Photo by TIO

I wish... an old-fashioned carnival would come to town. The kind where you can hold hands in velvet-lined swans in the Tunnel of Love and ride a huge, glistening ferris wheel all the way up to the heavens. I want to be able to eat cotton candy from tiny red carts, the sides of which are plastered with faded posters advertising the cart's circus days and watch tiny girls ride on the backs of ferocious old tigers while singing out fifties doo-wop songs. If nothing else, I wish that I'd be able to run a traveling carnival like that one day and bring a little magic back into the world.

I wish... I could sing. I've always wanted to be in a band, but my obvious lack of musical talent has held me back indefinitely.

I wish... others could see the world with the same kind of delight and excitement as a child does. Sometimes I think we're the silly ones, with our standard educations and restless schedules, and maybe children are the only ones who have the world right. Maybe everything can be simplified into twos and threes, light and dark, sweet and sour. Maybe all we need someone to take us by the hand and lead us blindly into this whimsical perspective.

I wish... every restaurant served at least one vegetarian thing besides a side salad.

I wish... for world peace and Manolo Blahniks.

What do you wish for?

Penelope ♥


Anna said...

Actually, in Taiwan they always serve vegetarian dishes. I remember going to my dad's convention once and every server asked the table if anyone was vegetarian or not. Very considerate and all.

I wish I was able to draw. Though words are a wonderful medium to express myself with, I envy people that can do this through something as direct as images.

erin lynne said...

oh i have the same wish about veggie dishes & the carnival!

Kat said...

I wish the same as well to sing beautifully. I love singing my heart out...but well is another story.

I wish people blew bubbles instead of smoking.

Sometimes I wish I were a bird for a day. Watching them fly and soar through the sky makes me so envious.

I wish life were a musical. How amazing would that be?

koko said...

~ i wish...there had a national cupcake day.

~ i wish...that you could see sunsets whenever you felt like it.

~ i wish...clouds were cotton candy.(actually that's a wish i had since i was a kid)

~ i wish...i had purple eyes!! =]