Saturday, July 12, 2008

10 Things To Do During The Summer

Photo by Lara Ferroni

I've embarked on a spontaneous trip to Orlando this weekend to park-hop and sight-see and generally take advantage of the marvelous Florida summer, so to tide you bunnies over before I can actually sit down and write a formal post, here's a sweet little list of thrilling things to do during those sometimes boring summer days!

01. Practice pen-paling. Buy interesting or funky stationary and send weekly correspondences to your distant friends - or make new ones to send pretty scented letters to! (Postcrossing is a great place to find really curious folk from around the world, and most of them are more than happy to be on-going pals!)

02. Cook something new every week. You can make your way through a recipe book or just whip up some tried-and-true classics, but vow to make at least one home-cooked meal for your or your friends at least once a week. Bonus points if you document it with pictures!

03. Start a band - even if you have absolutely no musical talent! Have an "audition" night and invite everyone you know to bring various instruments, even if they too can't play them. Practice jamming out to your favorite songs, from The Clash to Lily Allen, then book weekly "gigs" or "band practice" at the houses of others.

04. Take up rollerskating. Buy a simple pair of four-wheeled skates and jazz them up with your own personal touches, adding anything from sequins to a snazzy paint job. Instead of driving, skate to the grocery store or to Starbucks - take any excuse you can get to perfect your form! If you aren't interested in decorating a pair, has a great little tutorial on how to turn your favorite pair of shoes into roller-skates. It's the perfect opportunity to transform those great red cowboy boots you have into swanky skates!

05. Go thrifting! Map out all your local thrift, vintage and antique stores and spend a day going from place to place, digging for hidden treasure amongst the kitschy fawns and 1970's living room sets. Set a limit on your spending - say fifty bucks - and see what all you can come home with on that budget.

06. Open up a pop stand. Make bubbly coke floats and raspberry popsicles and fresh sorbet and champagne shaved ice, serving a variety of icy treats to your friends or family.

07. Throw a backyard tea party, complete with an eclectic soundtrack and paper lights.

08. Finger-paint elegantly - turn your childish fun into an art form and have an ongoing art show in your kitchen or living room.

09. Dig through your local paper and scour for interesting happenings - scope out craft fairs and antique shows and gallery openings and street fairs. Take pictures of your adventures at all these marvelous little events.

10. Attend a poetry slam - extra points if you actually participate in it. Come dressed in classic Funny Face style, complete with felt beret and ballet flats, and spend the evening sipping café au lait and batting your eyelashes at sensitive poet boys.

Penelope ♥


Jessica said...

I'm new, but I love all your posts! They're so well written and inspired. I'm a reader for good now. :D

Devon said...

I just found your blog this evening, and I'm absolutely in love!

My Stifled Laughter said...

Wow, such interesting ideas! I've done the thrift shop idea (well, does Goodwill count? xD Although we did find a wedding dress there, 20 dollars, beautiful and barely used!)

Keep blogging! ^^

jen. said...

i'm loving your blog! so glad i came across it. i signed up for postcrossing..can't wait to start getting some good mail!