Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Manifesto; One Of Many

Photo by Jen Gotch

I believe in the right for women to have a choice.
I believe in people, because it's a little known fact that they have a tendency to surprise.
I believe in Change with a capital C.
I believe in myself, a kind of satisfaction that no other god can give to me.
I believe in serendipity and it's ability to amaze.
I believe in the ethical treatment of animals - they're living, breathing creatures, no different than we are.
I believe in magic in it's oh so many forms.
I believe in breaking free of routine.
I believe in personal freedom for all - something that no job or school should ever revoke.
I believe in gay marriage, because love knows no bounds.
I believe in respect for everyone, no matter how conflicting their personal views may be with yours.
I believe in abolishing the word "feminist" - in the words of someone spectacular, "I was asked if I was a feminist, I said - 'isn't every woman?'"
I believe in the power of clothes - although true love for yourself starts on the inside, that perfect dress can always make you feel like a goddess.
I believe in beauty, however it comes wrapped.
I believe in consistently doing the impossible.
I believe in art, in all it's quiet splendor.
I believe.

The question is, what do you believe in?

Penelope ♥


Remy said...

I see you picked up on my manifesto idea. I just mentioned it in passing, I didn't think you'd jump on it. But I have to say, yours is much better than I'd be able to come up with, it's beautiful.

Penelope said...

Sorry, darling - can I borrow it? :>

And anyway, you never answered the question. What do you believe in?

Anonymous said...

I believe in the love of a mother for a child.
I believe in the value of every human being.
I believe in God with a capital G.
I believe in my friends, a sense of belonging and completeness that I could never have alone.
I believe in miracles and their power to transform.
I believe in the value of an living, feeling child.
I believe in the power of good over evil.
I believe in breaking free of our prejudices.
I believe in personal responsibility and the freedom to exercise it.
I believe in the transformative power of love.
I believe in holding ourselves accountable for our opinions and beliefs, and in being able to defend them.
I believe in transcending labels to become an individual.
I believe in the power of kindness to ennoble the giver even more than the receiver.
I believe in joy and the absolute necessity of finding it.
I believe in possibilities that exceed all we can imagine.
I believe in belief systems that are consistent with themselves and reality.
I believe in Santa.

erin lynne said...

i believe in everything & i believe in nothing.

Anonymous said...

i believe in being conscious
conscious of our happiness and pain
i believe that everyone has their own backstory, reasons for why they are who they are
i believe we can never truly know everything about a person
i believe mystery is a little seductive
i believe in the power of hugs, hair strokes, and talks with tight friends
i believe in being open minded and learning to forgive
i believe in second chances

gilda said...

i believe in me.