Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I'm Digging

My my my, what a slacker I've been with my posts this week, huh? If it's any consolation, I do have a semi-decent excuse. I've been very very busy scrubbing down the house and doing all those last-minute chores that people usually put off until special occasions in preparation for my birthday (!!!). Although technically my birthday isn't until Sunday, I've decided to follow my own advice and have a super spectacular tea party for myself a few friends tomorrow, which all of you lovelies are invited to! No, really! If you're in the Palm Beach County area and want to stop in, you're completely welcome to!

Anyway, a few other bloggers have been doing this really positive thing where they compile a list of things, no matter how big or small, that "make them smile" or things that "they love" for the week. Many have challenged others to start making these little drafts of encouragement as well, so I'm extending the love and challenging all you lovely bunnies to do the same! Take stock of all those wondrous little things in your life and share them with the world! So, without further ado, here's my list for the week...

Pugs! - I've always wanted my very own pug dog to give a funny name to and take on scenic strolls, and for some strange reason my pug-enthusiasm has recently kicked into overdrive. I spent a good two hours this week lounging on the couch and watching Youtube videos of pugs falling asleep, pugs bowlingpugs and donuts, and, my personal favorite, pugs with licking problems.

Kids Books - As a smug pre-teen, I would never be caught dead in the "Young Adult" section of the bookstore. I found all of the reading materials on those isles to be empty and childish, even considering their market, filled with playground romance and bland characters. Now, I seem to find myself trolling up and down those exact same isles constantly, picking up tiny brightly-colored novellas and huge hardcover period pieces. I've fallen in love with pastel picture books about tiny girls in gingham dresses, exploring New York City or France or Milan or her own backyard. I feel so connected to the spunky heroines in all these strange modern fairy-tales, and just keep coming back for more.

Leaving Shangri-L.A. - I've had the incredible honor of meeting Miss Rie, a whimsically down-to-earth sweetie, and after thumbing through her spectacular book-review blog I'm thrilled to say that I've become addicted. She seems to have the inside scoop of the book world and continually introduces readers to fun, flirty, and all-around magical books. Plus, she specializes in books to read "After you finish Weetzie Bat," which is definitely a universal search for fans of Francesca Lia Block!

Evos - An all-organic fast food chain, I first heard about Evos from a fellow-vegetarian who had discovered them while vacationing in Tampa, Florida. The shops look incredible, the food sounds delicious, and now that I've planned a trip northward in mid-July, I can't wait to make a pilgrimage to one of their ten different locations and give them a try.

♥ Pink Furniture - After acquiring a pink wicker vanity from a closing Betsey Johnson store, I've fallen in love with having eccentrically painted furniture. It adds so much more character to a space and says so much about you as a person, plus I'm quite thrilled with the pink-on-white contrast that my patio now has.

♥ Costume Wings - I've been puttering around various Renaissance websites and costumes stores looking for the perfect pair of angelic fairy wings (because every girl needs a good pair of wings), and I've found so many lovely pairs! There are glorious butterfly wings with stitches of lace and glitter, angel wings with huge white feathers dusted in babydoll pink, and pocket-sized sparrow wings that look like they could fly away at any moment. The hard part is deciding which ones to buy!

The question is what are you digging this week, bunnies?

Penelope ♥


Kid Twist said...

Oh, I love Francesca Lia Block...I'll have to check that out! xoxo

Angelia said...

I like your blog! I also love organic foods, pink funiture and costume wings (I have so many different kinds of costume wings!! If you go to my blog and then go to the very bottom you'll see my costume last halloween.. I wore Isis wings!!) No pugs for me.. I'm a poodle kinda girl!
All the best!

Tere Sanders said...

Your blog is cool. I highly recommend pugs - they are the greatest dogs!

Eternia said...

I second the costume wings and pink furniture! however, for me it's all about My little ponies, plastic pink lawn flamingos, Fafi, and victorian hairstyles

Scribbles said...

Going back and reading this in your archives... my favourite place in New Zealand to buy wings in Waiheke Wings and Things. I got a pair there and wore them the entire day. Luckily it's an island where the artistic community don't even bat an eyelid at that :)