Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daily Inspiration - June 14th

Photo by Cinnamon

"My mind wandered. I thought of this: I thought how everyday each of us experiences a few little moments that have just a bit more resonance than other moments- we hear a word that sticks in our minds- or maybe we have a small experience that pulls us out of ourselves, if only breifly- we share a hotel elevator with a bride in her veil, say, or a stranger gives us a piece of bread to feed to the mallard ducks in the lagoon; a small child starts a conversation with us in a Dairy Queen- or we have an we have an episode like the one I had with M&M cars back at the Husky station. And If we were to collect these small moments in a notebook and save them over a period of months we would see certain trends emerge from our collection- certain voices would emerge that have been trying to speak through us. We would realise that we have been having another life altogether, one we didnt we know was going on inside us. And maybe this other life is more important than the one we think of as being real- this clunky day-to-day world of furniture and noise and metal. So just maybe it is these small silent moments which are the true story-making events of our lives."

- Life After God by Douglas Coupland

Penelope ♥

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luxegirl said...

I love your website, Penelope. If I'm bored or uninspired (things I try so hard not to be!) I always know to look here. I admire you!