Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alice in Wonderland Style

After discovering that lovely Alice in Wonderland photoshoot yesterday, I got to thinking about what big a part of my childhood the Alice in Wonderland books were. Alice was smart, carefree, and she just so happened to tumble into this curious dreamworld where anything was possible. She lived every little girl’s dream and pulled in anyone who happened to crack open the book.

Now that Western society is going through an Alice in Wonderland revival, I think it’s even more important for Alice-inspired style to retain certain aspects of those awe-inspiring books. Thus, I give you the Cocoa guide to Alice in Wonderland style!


The Look
Alice is all about the babydoll look, wearing pastel blues and buttercreams. Very much like Japanese Sweet Lolita fashion, her clothes should be childlike with lots of lace and ribbons, but try not to overdo it. Everything about her should be smooth and simple - she’s no Marie Antoinette! For a little extra charm, stay true to her 19th century roots and accessorize with anything floral. Flowery cameos, pretty flower rings – whatever you can think of!

In terms of makeup, it’s essential to remember that Alice is still a little girl. Her look is very natural, with little to nothing more than a rosy blush and lip-gloss. Start with a smooth, pale foundation and spread evenly over the entire face. Brush the cheeks with a light yet vivid pink, something like MAC Cosmetics’ Coygirl Powder Blush. For the lips, try an equally light pink stain for a gentle look – Benefit’s PosieTint looks absolutely stunning and is described as a “petal-pink stain that plants a kiss of see-through tint on cheeks & lips”. That alone would make me try it!

How to embrace your inner-Alice

+ Have afternoon tea every day for a week. Pick an interesting spot to lounge at whilst enjoying it.
+ Embrace knee-high socks and mary janes. Extra points if you can find white knee-highs with pretty blue ribbons.
+ Take a class on etiquette - make any excuse to practice what you’ve learned. Over dinner, in meetings, even over traffic tickets!

The White Rabbit

The Look
While the Lewis Carroll version of the White Rabbit was a drab, punctual character, I always pictured his female anima to be a swinging, flirty go-go girl on white and pink roller-skates. Try muted dresses in white or buttercream to balance out eccentric, funky jackets. For an everyday look, a classy pocket watch necklace like the one seen above is appropriate, but for a more costumed look, oversized Flavor Flav clocks can be substituted.

For makeup, start out with a matte foundation in your natural skin tone and seal it with a matching powder. Brush your cheeks and neck with a sparkling iridescent powder like Lush’s Candy Fluff for a fun, breathless look and on the eyes, use a light and shimmery pink champagne color such as Stila’s Bouquet. Finish off the look by using a cotton candy pink lipstick and maybe even going over it with a clear, glassy gloss. I’m in love with Benefit’s Candy Store Silky Finish Lipstick – it’s a great color, long lasting, and super shimmery!

How to embrace your inner-Rabbit

+ Run, bike, or roller-skate regularly to quench your need for speed.
+ Read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time from cover to cover.
+ Invest in a good pair of four-wheeled roller skates. Spend a weekend at a local roller-rink, honing in on your skills.
+ Blow kisses to thrilling-looking boys – even those you don’t know!

The Red Queen

The Look
The Red Queen can easily be described as a saucy powerhouse; she's a girl with an assertive attitude and lots of flair to boot. She’s not mean-spirited per say, but she’ll definitely put up a fight if she doesn’t get her way. All of this is reflected through lots of vibrant reds and spicy, sometimes outrageous outfits. If you’re not feeling all of the red, try to tone it down with a bit of gold – sometimes something as simple as a set of gold bangles can really sweeten up a look. The most important thing is to include some accessory that represents her cardshark royalty, and it can be anything from earrings (as pictured above) to a printed dress. Whatever you can find!

In terms of makeup, go for a light brown eye shadow and black eye pencil to create smoky, seductive eyes. And, of course, lips should be a vivid cherry red. Try Benefit’s Frenched for the perfect starlet shade – it’s more than just a cute name!

How to embrace your inner-Red Queen

+ Go to rock shows in your best red dress and sturdiest boots. Knock the socks off anyone who crosses your path.
+ Shower your home with red roses and look to them to brighten your day.
+ Drink fruity cocktails (or mocktails if you’re underage) that are crimson in color. For starters, try Shirley Temples, Cosmopolitans, and Watermelon martinis.

The Mad Hatter

The Look
A female version of the Mad Hatter can be interpreted in so many different ways, but I’ve always seen her as a chilling eccentric in pinks and golds. With an obliviously calm attitude, much like Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood, the Hatter remains the most true to her original character’s mode of dress, sticking firmly to anything frilly & dolly and, of course, 19th century top-hats. When dressing as her, lace and other vintage-associated fabrics are musts, but throw in modern accessories like heart-shaped sunglasses and bubblegum to emphasize her eccentricity.

For makeup, the Hatter is surprisingly natural with a pale foundation smoothed across the entire face. Eyes and cheeks are left as-is while a tasty pink gloss is applied to the lips. Smacker’s Lip Frosting in Strawberry is not only the perfect refection of the hatter, but also adds a smooth, even shimmer that completes the look. Iridescent powder can dusted around the face and neck for extra sparkle and a sweet-smelling kick.

How to embrace your inner-Hatter
+ Celebrate your un-birthday at least once a month. Make it a spectacular complete with large, formal table settings.
+ Write poems and riddles that have no answers. Challenge others to come up with the solution.
+ Bake tiny tea cakes and petite fours in vast amounts and decorate them with your initials.


Penelope ♥


rose said...

I want those doc martens!

Hmm. Also, make up silly rhymes. I love how Alice is full of those rhymes.

I love the photo shoot too.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this lipstick line in barneys and it is soooo alice in wonderland (especially the packaging).
It is called Lipstick Queen!
Have you heard of it?
Alice would look amazing in St. Pink
the bunny would be rose sinner
the Red Queen would be RED Sinner (without a doubt the most INSANE wearable red I ever found)
Mad Hatter in oxymoron in shade minor crisis.
I hope they come out with neons


vinylbliss28 said...

I absolutely love the Mad Hatter and Alice inspired styles. The photo shoot was so beautiful i was deeply tempted to go and spend some hard earned cash on a pretty frilly dress in which i could go and lounge about a garden drinking tea. Ah, what the hell, it's summer!!!

Thank you for the inspiration! ♥

ladyjulianne said...

I love those Docs, and the dress in the Mad Hatter set :) Wonderful, inspiring post.

Alice said...

Absolutely wonderful! I've always been partial to Alice myself, but now I have a new fondness for ALL the Wonderland characters!

Time for my tea party!

BB said...

Thanks for this- it's so creative. I'll vouch for PosieTint...I just bought some the other day for the first time and I'm in love. And I have a love-struck glow!

hudson said...

what a genius little post! i loved it.

Beka said...

You have to be my new hero. I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan. HUGE. Why didn't I think to do this?

Anyway, amazing!

michelle said...

I love love love this! :3

Anonymous said...

I loooove Alice! I was browsing on polyvore the other day and saw the cutest Alice inspired charm necklaces by a company called Ampersand Designs. They had this one that had the mad hatter and a tea pot and one with the white rabbit and a clock! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Twinkle Twinkle Penelope Bat ...
How I wonder what you're at!?!

Wonderful post! You and I have much in common ... I too adore jazz, and love to make cupcakes, and naturally Alice (which brought me to your little space of curiosity) Keep it up ... I shall return one day to see where you are on your list of "things to do"

Anonymous said...

This is BEASTLY. In the best of ways. I love it. enough said.

Anonymous said...

cute fashion post, but it's "per se" not "per say"