Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

Despite the fact that it's  from 2003, I just recently stumbled upon this absolutely gorgeous photoshoot that Annie Leibovitz did for Vogue.  I love how modest and childish it is - instead of blatantly stumbling into a world of high-fashion and even higher price-tags, Alice is just a pretty girl in babydoll dresses, making her way through the whimsically curious Wonderland.

(I'm in love with this dress. If I had something as gorgeous as this, I'd never take it off. Really. You'd see me brushing my teeth in it and wearing it to bed.)

Penelope ♥


Rie said...

The Cherry Blossom Girl just did an Alice photoshoot, too:

Penelope said...

That's so funny you should mention that. I just found a link to her blog today - and although I sadly took two years of Italian instead of French, I really do love the entire site. Her photos are so beautiful! (I especially love the one of her pulling up her stockings - oh so pretty!)

vinylbliss28 said...

Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog and i luff it! Your writing reminds me so very much of the wonderfully, talented Francesca Lia Block. I look forward to reading more posts! Have a wonderful night!

Angelia said...

Alice and wonderland is my Fav!!! Nice shoot!

Robin said...

So funny- I clipped this photo shoot when it came out and just got around to framing them. Five years later. It inspired my kids and I to throw a mad tea party of our own.

Keep the Alice coming, I love it!