Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekly Wishes

I wish... for ska music so loud and explosive that it sends entire neighborhoods into fits of slam-dancery. I wish for the heat of club lights, for skipping drum beats, for a full brass band that pumps out short breaths and falsetto rhythms. I want shaking hips, skankin' souls, midnight sing-a-long songs in tiny clubs - I wish I could wrap myself in notes and beats and crashing cymbals and fall into that shattering, crystalized pop of noise.

I wish... the best for our incredible new president, and I hope that every American takes this opportunity to come together under him for a truly United States of America.

I wish... life could be lived out in perfect poetry - in stanzas and lines and parallel structures. I wish everyone could turn life into their very own love song, a string of verse and rhyme, and make their own unique poetry out of days and weeks and years. I wish our songs would define us, our words bring us together, and our differences be set aside for at least one moment where we get to sing out that love song fearlessly to the rest of the world. I wish our lyrics would save us.

I wish... for little pink tutus and subway rides.

As always, my sleepy honey bunnies, what do you wish for this week?

Penelope ♥


amberlee said...

i wish i could try those strawberry treats :)

Anonymous said...

I wish for energy and more hours in the day.

Anonymous said...

i wish for you never to be away from Cocoa for so long again! i wish for vitamins, tons of water and daily exercise, i wish for the strength to pick myself up no matter how many times i slip up (just like the little Daruma i picked up last week) and i wish for curiosity and ideas and the motivation to explore.

Anonymous said...

Lovely list!!

My wishes...
*To hear from my loveboy soon
*To be peaceful, happy, and okay with who I am
*A great job at a theatre in the Bay Area (I'm currently applying for post-college jobs)
*Warmer weather (Massachusetts winters=suck)
*An awesome Gothic Lolita wardrobe
*Inspiration for more nifty Polyvore sets!
*More yoga, more dance, more chances to move & sweat!!

Penelope said...

Anonymous: Oh, I'm so so sorry! That wish I can make come true!

Hyper-Faerie: I couldn't agree with you more on a few of your wishes, namely the lolita wardrobe and way more yoga & dance!

Penelope ♥