Sunday, January 25, 2009

Penelope Bat ♥'s Hip✩Hop Candy!

In my travels around the great big internet, I just so happened to stumble upon a fabulous, pink-tinted place filled with jewelry, buttons, and keychains galore. This sugary-sweet heaven contains everything you and your inner-child could possibly need to take on the great big world with a pinch of flair and an excess of classic Japanese cuteness, catering specifically to high-flying go-go girls who, somewhere along the road of life, simply forgot to grow up. Hip✩Hop Candy was started by the darling Miss Kitty (a.k.a. Olivia Bruno) as a tiny web-based company, and since has grown into a much bigger enterprise, appearing at numerous Japanese anime and manga conventions with much success.

Because of my undying love for what Miss Kitty's doing and her amazing products, Hip✩Hop Candy and Cocoa have teamed up to present all of you lovely bunnies with a contest! The prize? A surprise goodie bag filled to the brim with all kinds of Hip✩Hop Candy swag! All you have to do to win is compose a classic Japanese haiku about Hip✩Hop Candy! 

For all of you who have forgotten your school-yard days of literature classes, haiku's are a form of Japanese poetry that are composed by the number of syllables they have. They're usually three lines and follow a 5-7-5 structure, the first line containing five syllables, the second containing seven, and the third containing five again.

You can enter as many haiku's as you'd like in the form of a comment, just please don't post anonymously! If you're our big winner, we need a way to contact you! Be as creative as you possibly can - there are no rules or prerequisites - just be sure to have all of your submissions in by Wednesday, January 28th!

As a way to fire up your creative juices, here are some H✩HC themed haiku's that I whipped up!

Panda bears and charms
Strawberry keychains and rings
Fire up Paypal!

Why travel the world
For Japanese goods when there's
Hip✩Hop Candy here?

Brighten up the room
With necklaces of tea cakes
And pink cupcake rings

Get writin', my super-cute bunnies! Prizes await!

Penelope ♥


Martini said...

I have always thought
that everyone should have cake
to eat AND wear~

hee, sorry, I'm not wonderful at haikus XD

Carolyn G said...

oh wow hip hop swag
makes my heart all a flutter
I want to win some

Belinda said...

decorate yourself
with sweet, lovely, pretty things
a dreamlike sparkle

heart-shaped lollipops
candy stars of fantasy
strawberry ribbons

I love the cute things
delicious treats from that site
it's Hip Hop Candy!

My Stifled Laughter said...

My childhood was
glitter, pink, cupcakes, and light
as it should be now.


hyper-faerie said...

Sushi roll earrings
Cupcakes good enough to wear
HHC's kawaii!!

Lee said...

Oh, sushi jewelry,
Looking so cute and yummy,
How I covet thee.


Great discovery!
My heart goes doki doki
Over HHC.

Penny Lane said...

pretty much anything with the word candy in it has me hooked. awesome site thank you!