Saturday, November 8, 2008

What I'm Digging

Dressing Up - But really, what else is new? Since Halloween has come and gone, I've been stuck in this loop-de-loop swing of french vanilla tulle and costume jewelry. I've revisited all my favorite movies and comic books, drafting out little notes of what those especially fabulous characters wore and what kind of fabric I would need to re-create their looks, tracking down everything from yards of tiny pink ribbon to knee-high go go boots. First on my list of costuming priorities? The super-swingin' Ulala from Space Channel 5! (Remember her, Sega Dreamcasters?)

Bust a Groove 2 - The theme for this post is obviously obscure video game references, but this one in particular is close to my heart. Bust a Groove 2 is this wonderfully kitschy game from the late 90's which, much like Space Channel 5, marries fabulous hand-spun characters and "dance battles". When I was a semi-wee thing I used to rent it from Blockbuster religiously and spend hours laying on the living room rug, jamming along as Kitty-N until my eyes were watering. I've been hunting for a relatively cheap copy for about two years now, but the game hasn't been produced in forever and all those lucky enough to have a copy aren't willing to part with them for anything less than $100. Nevertheless, I still vow that if I ever start a band I'll be adamant on covering some of the songs from this game, whether I own it or not!

Birthday Cakes - Everybody loves cake, but I never realized exactly how all-out some folks go when it comes to decorating their birthday cakes. You're talking to a girl who's the poster-child for homemade simple pink party cakes, so when I started stumbling upon cake after beautiful cake, I was absolutely blown away!

Who wouldn't want this cake for their birthday?!

Ukuleles - After a friend of mine let me borrow his for the weekend, I've discovered that the ukulele is the most under-appreciated instrument to ever exist, sitting in ranks right next to the keytar and kazoo. Nobody bothers to play them, no one with any kind of musical background takes them seriously, and the public thinks that only Hawaiian men and/or Tiny Tim can pick them up with any success. You know what? I, Penelope Bat, publicly declare that I absolutely love ukuleles and, much like Randal Graves, am taking them back!

Further proof that ukuleles do, in fact, rock.

Now I turn the spotlight on you, bunnies. What are you digging as of this week, go-go girls?

Penelope ♥


Ashley said...

I do love me some ukulele!!
who wants this for christmas prezzies?? anyone?
what i'm digging:
using my awesomely weird ability to find random things in displays at work, christmas socks, rock band, ikea, and crunch ice!

Anonymous said...

What I'm digging:
Decor for Xmas! I've loaded up on candles and tinsel so far at a closing discount store.
Tights with fun, floral, tie dye, soft flitsy skirts and my eco friendly boots. Working my hips so much better than skinny jeans.
Also digging, finally getting the proper medicine I need.
Vitamin water cases my fiancee brought home
and hot cocoa while reading Memoirs of a Geisha<33

carey said...

oh i love ukuleles. and kazoos. and even keytars. well, kind of.

Lady Smaggle said...

What I'm digging

- 85% dark chocolate

- my new Trinny and Susannah

- Exciting emails full of new possibilities

Oh and you like birthday cakes? I'm ADDICTED to baking

Here's the one I made for Mr Smaggle's birthday this year.

He is allergic to wheat.

Penny Lane said...

UKULELES!!! Ingrid Michaelson uses these regularly! I adore her for it!

What i am digging:
* Getting things done
* Lazy days off
* Green Tea with Lemonade
* Ingrid Michaelson (Although i always dig her :)
* Going out with friends


that_isabella_girl said...

Wow I am so loving your blog! I just rediscovered it kinda. Heart. I am digging three weeks in the future when exams will be over and I will be finished school forever :)

Miss_Corrine said...

Love your list! :)

I'm loving closet organisation; vegetarian hotdogs; interviews; Forever21 and hiding a small, plastic dinosaur in unexpected places, just to name a few! :D


My Stifled Laughter said...

Ukeleles remind me of the movie 'Some Like it Hot' where Marilyn Monroe's character plays the ukelele. :)

I'm digging the 100$ I won in a Essay Contest for German Class! :D 2nd in the state, baby. Oh, and I'm digging mallet instruments.

kc_froglady said...

I am actually a pumkin pie and brownie girl before cake but as for the artistic value in cakes it is amazing what is out there! Just Monday I watched food network do a Dr. Suess cometition of cakes! AMAZING!

edward and lilly said...

Hey, it's Rebecca from swap-bot. I'm so glad I got you as a partner otherwise I may not have found your great blog. I love the photos and so can relate to all of these things. I'll be stopping by again :)

~Phoenix~ said...

Swap botter at large! I'm digging your style, a song about choc, sleeping & reading! Happy Day!

Sarah Von said...

Penelope! Have you heard The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra! They are so lovely and joyful and do a wicked cover of "Take on Me." Sooooo good.

Here's their myspace page:

boubou said...

i love these pictures :)
:) im happy to discover your blog :)
ill be back ;)
Bonne journée!