Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Cocoa Book Club Call For Bibliophiles - Part II!

Photo by Lulu

Well, bunnies, the Cocoa Book Club presses on! As of tomorrow, the super-secret club is in its fifth month and incredible readers like yourself have made it an astoundingly super success. The only problem? We're running out of volunteers to be book clubbers! The list has slowly dwindled down, slipping from a pretty thick list to just a few names, so that means that once again I need your help!

For those of you who have just dropped in and don't know what all of this fuss is about, The Cocoa Book Club is a guest-driven segment where others share fantastic books that may not be super well-known but are definitely thrilling enough to be categorized as must-reads. Every month a different reader or blogger or other mysterious guest picks a book for the club and writes up a guest article on it, introducing it in all it's fabulousness to the world, and by the end of the year we've got a neat little list of fabulous cult books for all to read. 

Now I know you're asking yourself, how do I become a super-secret book clubber? (Okay, so maybe you're not asking yourself that - but you should be!) Becoming a book-clubber is super-simple - there's no criteria to fill or paperwork to fill out - you simply need to enjoy reading and want to share your hidden gems with the world. All you have to do is comment with your e-mail address or shoot me an e-mail yourself! (And if you're a blogger, please also include a link to your blog!) I'll get back to you as soon as possible with more information and we'll set up a date for you to post straight away!

I need your help, lovelies, and can't do this without you! So go to your bookshelf, pick up your favorite book, and send me those e-mails! Ready? Set? Read!

Penelope ♥


Scribbles said...

Oooh pick me pick me darling!

sparkleandglitter said...

Now that I'm gradually getting through my "To Read" pile I'd be glad to write one! When I get to a book I think is suitable I'll be in touch :)

sapphirejean said...

I would be happy to write one too!

sapphirejean said...

Hey again Penelope! Of course, here is my email:
Look forward to hearing from you!

Gia G. said...

hello there! i just discovered your blog, and i think it's just fabulous! it's great to see a blogger with a true infatuation with living life beautifully :) keep up the lovely posts~

mysterycreature said...

Ooh, always ready to join a list, particularly when you get to read lots with it! My email is (don't ask!!)