Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekly Wishes

I wish... Every morning could be filled with big sweet-toothed breakfasts, pink china plates covered in pecan pastries and spinach soufflés and tiny heart-shaped pancakes and powdered sugar dusted croissants, and everything would be topped off with a big mug of cafe mocha with a snowy mountain of whipped cream on top. I wish I could share it with everyone I know and we'd eat outside in the early morning sun, talking sweetly and loudly and jolting the ground with our laughter, and we'd sip down those warm cafe mochas in-between words and laughs and let them warm us from the inside like tiny fires burning bright. I wish we could recapture breakfast and give each day a wonderful start, all with nothing but a pastry-filled meal and a conversation or two in-between.

I wish... To start a ballet flat appreciation society. Because, really, who doesn't love ballet flats?

I wish... That unhappiness was like a stain on your shirt or a bug in the house - worrisome, yes, but easy to get rid of with a little help from others. I just can't stand to see people unhappy and I wish that there was some fail-safe way for me to help and make everything better for them.

I wish... for carousel rides and shooting stars.

Penelope ♥


Bridey said...

I always love reading your wishes!

I wish... music and dancing were compulsary on public transport

I wish... for the opportunity to bake an excessive number of cupcakes especially for a food fight

I wish... that popcorn was complimentary at movie theatres

sparkleandglitter said...

Lovely post! I'd join your ballet flat appreciaton society :)

Penelope said...

Bridey - I don't think I've ever seen any wishes that I've agreed with more!

Also - this video pretty much exemplifies my love of dancing on public transportation.

Penelope ♥

Scribbles said...

As a tall girl, I think that ballet flats don't get anywhere near the kudos they deserve...

I wish... for smiles on the faces of the people I see as I walk to work today.

I wish... that this overcast day means beautiful weather for my holiday weekend ahead.

I wish... that this month brings into my life even more brilliant and interesting people to get to know and have experiences with.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your wishes!

I wish...more people understood the beauty and simplicity of the perfect pair of ballet flats.

Anonymous said...

yes! i think starting a ballet flat appreciation society is a splendid ideaaaaa :D