Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekly Wishes

Photo by Lady Vervaine

I wish...
I worked for NPR. It's kind of become a new dream of mine. In-between baking bite-sized cupcakes in a tiny pink shop and singing front and center in a midnight ska band, I want to make tiny commentaries and interview curious folk on NPR. Something about the company as a whole seems very relaxing yet very vibrant - much like the station itself, the atmosphere is the kind where you can discover the most curious things that you never would have known otherwise. Not to mention the fact that I think radio is a forgotten art, one with so much heart and soul in it - so much history.

I wish... I could eat at Pizza Fusion every day. I would trade culinary diversity in for a lifetime supply of their soy cheese pizza any day!

I wish... there were more nights like tonight. I spent my evening lounging around outside a local coffee-shop, sipping green tea and listening to a boy who used to go to my high school play the guitar. There's something so marvelous about live music - it wakes you up from the inside, filling you with life. It's as though you're sharing something spectacular, something intimate and close, from one human being to another.

I wish... for powdered dreams and quiet thrills.

So what do you wish for this week, my glorious bunnies?

Penelope ♥

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My Stifled Laughter said...

I wish for more days like I had with my boy today.

I wish for longer nights! xD I love my sleep.