Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily Outfit - September 23rd

So the whole "daily outfit" thing has definitely turned into a not-so-daily outfit, especially since my last update in this vein was back in June. But! I have two brand-new and beautiful Betsey Johnson dresses that I'm absolutely dying to show off, so I figured I would document what I wore with one of them today (along with a few pictures of the other!)

+ Librarian sweater from Evie
+ Betsey Johnson dress (Eek!)
+ Jeans from the Gap
+ Gladiator sandals (which, regrettably, you cannot see) from Marshall's

I'm so incredibly thrilled! Usually Miss Johnson's luxuries are waaay out of my price range - but through the miracle of designer outlets, I managed to get both of these stunning gems for a total of $180. (The price tag on the blue one alone was $379! Eek!)

But here's the catch - I'm one of those kooky girls that thinks owning a beautiful dress isn't worth anything unless you give it an equally beautiful name - something to distinguish it, personalize it, give it a life all of its own - and because I'm such a fan of Betsey Johnson's designs I want to give each of these extra wonderful names. I've decided that since a lot of you are way bigger fashonistas than I could ever be that I would ask you incredible bunnies what you think the perfect names are. Audrey? May? Sabrina? Whatever you think fits, let me know! Get to it, go-go girls, and name these gorgeous dresses!

Penelope ♥


Amanda said...

I love both those dresses, they're so flirty and girly!

I'd personally name the blue one Sandy (it seems like something Olivia Newton-John would have worn in Grease), and the black one Audrey (it's such a Hepburn dress!).

Melinda said...

I love your new dresses! Betsey is the man ;D.

For the first one I would call it... Alice! To me it looks like something Alice in Wonderland would wear to a party or something, with a white sash and white opaque tights! Cute.

I'm not sure what I would call the second one. But those sleeves are absolutely wonderful!

Ashley said...

I love love love your dresses. I'm so visiting the BJ outlet for my bday now.

Hmm. for the first one, how about
Sydney, Dana or Arleta??
and for the second, Adelisa, Cordelia or Britte?

Hope I helped!

*Stacy* said...

the second one should be:

the first one... jane. simple but kind.

Mairead said...

In my humble opinion, the first dress is a Purdita and the second a Karina. :) Congratulations on your purchases, that is a wonderful deal you got! <3

My Stifled Laughter said...

I was thinking Lauren or Marlene after the actresses Lauren Bacall and Marlene Dietrich! :D Beautiful names for pretty dresses!