Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Brief Word On Style

I'm a simple girl - I can't afford designer heels or a wardrobe filled with Betsey Johnson dresses (as much as I'd like one), I hardly ever buy anything full price and I'll forever be a lover of thrift store shopping sprees. I haven't looked at a fashion
magazine in years because I truly believe that clothes are hardly interesting without seeing the people who wear them - the real-life women who make them beautiful.

But I love what I wear, and I have a passion for clothes, and I think the trick to true style does not lie in being able to afford the high-end and haute couture but rather in the ability to fall in love with what you wear and to wear it with confidence. No, I've never been to Fashion Week, but does that make me any less passionate fashion?

I feel oddly alienated from people who see the extent of beauty only in where their clothes came from and how much they paid for them - the kind of girls who tote around Coach bags simply because everyone else does it. What you wear should never be a status symbol, it should be an expression of who you are, of how you feel about life. True style is magical, blissful, an art form that you can't simply cut out of a magazine and paste over yourself. You are not a blank canvas for others to put their picture of style onto. You are unique - a creature all of your own, and what you wear is entirely yours.

Trite but true, Yves Saint Laurent said it best - fashions fade but style is eternal.

Penelope ♥


Bridey said...

That's so true! I always like to see someone stylish we doesn't care about designer labels and following the crowd.

My Stifled Laughter said...

I've always thought of fashion and style as the same thing basically, but you've made me think a little differently. I shall ponder more...

Kay said...


I'm an 'apparel design' major and I think coach bags are ugly :P

Penny Lane said...

I have grown up in thrift store treasures and i truly think you are on to something here! Style is the style in which you wear your clothes! Rockin' post darlin'!

Melinda said...

Word! I can't tell you how much I agree with you.