Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekly Wishes

Photo by Tracie Taylor

I wish...
 finding a decent job wasn't so difficult! I've been job hunting the past few weeks in hopes of wiggling into something part-time for during those long semesters. No such luck so far!

I wish... every town was required to have an old-fashioned 1930's swing club. Every Friday night young and old alike would put on their best dresses and heartbreaking scarlet lipstick, strap on a pair of heels, and jive in a swingin' little club until the sun comes up. Girls with feathers in their hair would tap-dance with sly-guy boys while the jaded smoked through slender filters on the sidelines.

I wish... restaurants would offer cold pizza on their breakfast menu! When will the world understand the culinary thrill of cold pizza in the morning?

I wish...  women didn't have to change their bodies so drastically to feel beautiful. I'm in no way against plastic surgery so long as it makes you happy, but I think it's such a tragedy when women have all of these procedures done and still nitpick over the tiniest little things. What's wrong with being a size ten? What's wrong with having small breasts? These are the little things that make us unique - that make us beautiful. Why would you want to change them?

As usual, bunnies, what do you wish for?

Penelope ♥


Madeleine said...

I really hate to say this, but I do believe you mean 1920s rather than '30s? :D

I wish girls didn't feel the need to talk about eachother behind their backs :(

Penelope said...

No, I mean 1930s. :> The 20s had jazz and a lot of ragtime while the 30s introduced swing and big band. The "roaring twenties" were actually pretty tame in comparison to the music that came from the thirties!

(I'm in love with 30s-esque bands right now, especially the Squirrel Nut Zippers! Give them a listen if you haven't already!)

Penelope ♥

Martini said...

Oh I love all of these!!

I wish... that I could have my own house instead of just renting a room while I'm at school. I dream of gypsy sitting rooms and clawfoot bathtubs and sunlit kitchens!

I wish... that I could go to that 30s swing club. :D

Madeleine said...

Ooh, I get it; my bad! Looking up the Squirrel Nut Zippers right now!