Sunday, August 31, 2008

How To Weather The Common Cold

Photo by Kate Mc

Hello, bunnies! How is the great big world treating you today? I really hope your day has been a spectacular tea party so far, filled with strawberry jam and bite-sized treats! Sadly, mine hasn't been quite so great lately. I've somehow managed to catch a terribly icky cold recently which I've been fighting off with Jamba Juice Coldbusters and daily cups of tea. Basically, today is the first day that I've felt even semi-decent and have had the strength to pull my laptop over for a quick Cocoa update. I really am so sorry for the lack of posts - I know things have slowed down enough because of my new schedule and I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys!

According to my mother, a schoolteacher who works with germ-riddled kids every day, this kind of thing is going around right now - so for all of you other sad bunnies who are also bedridden with sickness, here's a very quick guide on how to combat the common cold!

♥ Drink lots of coffee/tea, especially with loads of honey!
♥ Make a soundtrack to fight off your cold. Pick quiet, sleepy songs that mellow you out and make you feel super-relaxed. (My soundtrack includes Luke Doucet, Norah Jones, and Esthero.)
♥ Try to avoid being in complete darkness. Don't hide in your bedroom with the curtains drawn - make sure to always have at least one light on, even if it's just a string of Christmas lights above your bed!
♥ Wear comfy clothes. Put on your lover's favorite shirt, your best pair of panties, and cuddle up under the sheets.
♥ Drink loads of juice, especially orange juice or anything else with heaping helpings of Vitamin C!
♥ Make sure to have at least one bowl of the tried-but-true classic: good old soup!

So while I've got your attention I thought I might re-address a question I asked in the last issue of Cocoa Kisses. Since so many folks seemed to have echoed that they really love the Daily Inspiration columns and would definitely be interested in a book like that, how would you all feel if I were to self-publish a little collection of musings filled with DI-type columns, both new and old? Before I jump into writing anything I'd really like to know your thoughts - would you purchase something like that if it was professionally made (i.e. through Lulu)? What price do you think would be reasonable? Do you know any other folks that might find that interesting or do you think the audience is too small for it to work? I was so disappointed since I got absolutely no responses when I posed this idea through Cocoa Kisses, so let me be your cheerleader this time! Rah rah rah - come on, sugarplums! Tell me what you think!

Okay, lovelies, try to avoid that dreaded sickness going around and, as always, stay beautiful!



Danielle said...

It's the middle of the summer, I wouldn't have thought it would be a time for viruses to go around. The past couple of days I've felt like something is about to come up, ack!

I'm glad I'm not a weirdo for getting sick right now.

Anyway, I really enjoy your Daily Inspiration posts, I think that you should look into publishing your writing someday! If you think your audience is relatively small now, then just wait some time. But it is a great idea. :)

carey said...

i hope you're feeling better soon!

Michaella said...

Uh oh :( Colds and viruses arn't so great!!!

I think you should publish!!! Your work is so beautifuly awsome!!!

Hydroviolet said...

Hello Penelope!
I stumbled across your blog a week ago and I love it. I'm not particularly active on the internet but my little ritual is check the email then hit Cocoa!
I haven't had the opportunity to scroll back through many previous entries but the Daily Inspiration posts I have read are fabulous and I would absolutely buy a little book filled with them. The post about the first kiss is beautiful. Though I love books that are professionally made, I do love DIY books and zines. The texts that really stay with me still get carried around in my bag every day for a quick-fix of inspiration on the go so I love this idea.
The tips for treating the common cold are very true. I've just got over my cold but was unable to spend hardly any time hidden under my duvet. Instead I was doing some extra studying at university and then attended a rave for four nights. Crawling into my bed afterwards with a big mug of tea, was the most perfect thing.
I hope your Monday is going well, I discovered today that I am taking an additional module in my second semester so it looks as though next year will be spent living in the library!
Take care,
x x

Ashley said...

Getting really sucks. :p
If your body aches, get some menthol lotion or icy-hot. It really works.
I hope you get better soon.

And I love your daily inspirations. I'd love to have them on paper to hold. So go ahead and publish. I'd pay around the $10-$15 range!

Rie said...

I'd love a little book, too! I'd pay under 20 bucks, because that's my budget for single books.

My Stifled Laughter said...

I'm just getting over my cold now (it didn't help that my loverboy had it as well... *sigh*) but that was great info!

What's Cocoa Kisses?

I'd love to buy some of your writing, as long as the pricing was reasonable. 10$, 15$, etc. I think you need to amass quite a few, then pick the best of those. :)

Anonymous said...

My Stifled Laughter - Cocoa Kisses is the weekly e-mail newsletter from around these parts filled with updates, sneak-peaks, and other little kisses of Cocoa goodness. You can sign up for it on the front page ( - the next issue is due out soon!

I'm so glad that everyone seems to be okay with the book idea - I was thinking about pricing it right around $10-$15 so it's good that the consensus is that that's reasonable.

I really hope you feel better, sweetie! Seriously - drink lots of juice, it helped me a lot! Get well soon, okay?

Penelope ♥

Penny Lane said...

Holy cow, these are great tips! And i of course always love your polyvore's ♥