Thursday, January 7, 2010

How To Make a Comeback

Photo by Claude Estebe

After months upon months away - gone without a word, never mind an explanation - how exactly does a girl go about sliding herself back into the spotlight? Should she rush in, guns blazing, and make fireworks pop in the sky like shattering stars to recognize her reappearance? Or should she simply slip in unnoticed, wistful and nostalgic but ready to start anew nonetheless?

And what about those chronic procrastinators that we all know lurk inside of us? How exactly are we supposed to kick that put-it-off bug and fall back into what we love, whether it be baking or weaving or playing the tambourine? After what seems like a millennia of putting aside those favorite hobbies for the sake of our careers or education or family or reruns of Web Soup, how exactly should we re-approach those darling delights of ours that have been waiting patiently for us in the corner, gathering dust?

All it takes is a whim - a sleepy morning or a snowy night - and from there the rest is history.

Start Slow
There's nothing wrong with jumping right back into things, but it's important to set a pace for yourself so that you don't end up putting down your hobbies again, this time for even longer. Don't set unrealistic goals for yourself - it's important to see yourself in the perspective of the here and now, not the past. Sure, you may have used to play the drums in a ska band every other night, but now you may only have the time to pick them up on Saturday mornings. Don't force yourself to play every other day! Set a goal to get back to that peak you used to have and work gradually towards it.

Set Priorities
Remember that no matter how much you love doing what you do, life comes first. Don't be afraid to temporarily break from your schedule if your car breaks down or your grandpa falls ill. Give yourself some slack, and it'll be less stressful in the long run when accidents or unexpected events do happen. With that being said, it's important to not mistake necessary slack with an excuse for procrastination. Prioritize your life, putting your hobby or task below the most important things to you, and don't break from your schedule unless anything related to those important aspects of life comes up.

Don't Make Excuses
There's no need to answer to why you stopped doing your hobby in the first place - all that matters is that you're back into it now. Remember that you don't have to explain yourself to anyone but yourself because you're the only person who is instrumental in getting things done. Plus, not telling the whole world exactly what happened adds a little bit of mystery which is supremely unconquerable!

Do Something New
Give your old hobby a new twist to liven it up! Try a new sewing technique or learn a new type of dance - the more unique and new you can make your hobby, the more likely you are to stick with it.

Do What Makes You Happy
Because in the end, happiness is all that matters.

I've missed you girls, and I'm thrilled to be back.


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Izzy said...

I'm really glad you're back :)