Monday, January 11, 2010

Style Sheet - Anarchy in the USA

Believe it or not, my awkward pre-teen years were spotted with 12-inch singles, ripped jeans, and a ritual twelve-am howling of my favorite Clash song. Yes, through those early identity crises that we all go through I was a tried and true punker, shearing apart leopard print skirts and sporting combat boots, a practice which I'm sure confounded my peers who associated punk rock with Hot Topic and Good Charlotte not anarchy and an abundance of plaid. Despite my frilly, silly wardrobe today, I'm still a punker at heart who can slam dance with the best of them, and in celebration of the movement that rocked the UK to the USA and beyond, this week's style sheet is all about the underbelly of rock-'n'-roll itself - punk rock!

Tank Girl
Nothing says anarchy quite like the chain-smoking, butt-kicking, counter culture diva herself - the epitome of rock and roll and the only girl who can handle a gun so large that it occupies three different counties, Miss Tank Girl. The brainchild of Jamie Hewlett (of Gorillaz fame) and Alan Martin, Tank Girl has been breakin' backs and taking names since the 1980's, but her comics are still floating around today in the form of both compilations of the original strip and a completely new mini-series by different artists all sharing a love for the sharp-tongued mistress of punk.
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What's a punk rocker without a leather jacket? Without combat boots or ripped tees or a lifetime supply of safety pins? This unique rock'n'roll clothing brand delivers all that and much more to both budding delinquents and seasoned rockers with an abundance of buckles, straps, and, of course, plaid. Perfect for those who dig the classier grunge look of "High Punk", Hellcatpunks will have you slam dancing and rock-n-rolling and giving the whole world the middle finger with a great big dollop of style.
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The Toy Dolls
Think you know what "classic" punk rock is? Think again. These guys have been around since the dawn of the punk movement all the way back in the 70's, and they're still rockin' today! Churning out album upon album of silly but undeniably punky tunes about everything from a brilliant circus elephant to suburbanites who can't stop watching Dynasty, The Toy Dolls make punk seem like, quite literally, child's play! (After all, nothing says punk rock like falsetto tunes and kazoos!)
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Lolita No. 18
Taking the idea of a typical punk band and turning it on its head, this all-girl Japanese ensemble rocks out with the best of them and gives punk a kitschy flair that'll shake and shimmy and sway even the toughest of punks. Covering classics like "Rockaway Beach" and "Dig That Groove Baby" in swingin' sandpaper voices, Lolita No. 18 gives the "girl band" concept a face lift, complete with nose piercing and safety pin lip ring. You'll never think of punk rock the same way again!
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Penny Lane said...

AHHH!!! TANK GIRL! so glad your back sweetums :)

Melissa said...

Yay, you're back! :) I love your posts, there are so uplifting and great. This one in particular was great. Keep it up!

the redhead said...

tank girl is love