Sunday, January 10, 2010

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Okay, so I've always been in love with Rocky Horror - ever since I was a wee thirteeny bopper and my mother drove my best friend and I down to Miami to see a showing of it at the unheard of hour of midnight. It was playing at a little rickety theatre that had floors waxy with popcorn butter and seats that could gobble you up, but we were mesmerized by it none the less, with its throng of people in costume loitering outside the doors and sign that proclaimed in huge ink-blot letters "Rocky Horror Tonite". We stood under the marquee and wiggled with joy, running in and out of the crowd of Brad Majors' and Frank N. Furters, and laughed through the entire show, having no idea what a callback or audience participation was but loving them nonetheless. We watched as the local cast strutted in front of the screen, wearing lingerie and silly wigs, and we Time Warped up on stage until we were damp with sweat from all of the silliness and fun. Now, an uncountable amount of years later, I know every callback in the book and have started my very own cast to Time Warp the night away in our underwear, and after our first show just a few weeks ago I don't think I could ever love Rocky Horror any more.

Nights In
Now that an icy 30 degree chill has settled over South Florida, I've spent the last few evenings curled up inside in an attempt to ward off the biting cold. Being homebound has it's perks, though, I like to think, like the kind of serenity that nothing else in the world can match and the privacy to be sleepy and silly all at once. I've fallen in love with sliding around the house in a pair of thigh-high knit socks and curling up on the couch under a layer cake of blankets, reading books about magical houses and storm clouds and Russian cats that walk upright on their hind legs. I love cooking fresh pasta with homegrown rosemary sprinkled on top while playing midnight jazz as loud as it'll go, humming along to Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong in their sweet lullabies. I'm going to miss this blistering cold once it's gone, but I think I can concoct an excuse here and there to spend more swollen, sleepy evenings inside.

Green Tea
Nothing's better for the cold-weather blues than a warm cup of tea, and green tea is the best you can get. At dinner parties and get-togethers, my eighty five year old grandmother always whispers to me that the secret to her longevity and good health lies in bottomless cups of green tea - along with love, laughter, and happiness, and honestly I think that truer words were never spoken. She's in perfect health and could probably run a mile if you dared her, and she loves to say that a cup of green tea a day since the 1970's helped her along. I may not be able to break that kind of a record, but a cup of tea here and there never hurt!

Believe it or not, I'm a frugal fashionista in the most honest sense; almost everything in my closet was purchased for $5 or less, with the exception of a few brand-name beauties that I splurged on. (Betsey Johnson and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright tend to always get me in a headlock!) As such, thrift stores are always my shopping expedition of choice, and I'm a firm believer that you'll never find cooler clothes anywhere else! Lately I've been surfing from one store to another, picking up itty bitty skirts covered in hearts and denim cowgirl dresses that lace up the front, not to mention a few pink numbers and sunglasses shaped like huge, bubblegum hearts. Ooh la la!

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