Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where Oh Where Is Penelope Bat?

Photo by Tori

My lovely bunnies, I'm afraid I've got some oh-so terrible news. Cocoa is going to be on a short hiatus for about a week while my poor little Macbook is in the shop for repairs. It's nothing major, just an issue with the optical drive, but I have to get it replaced while it's still warrantied which means as soon as possible! Those of you who have been wondering where I've been these past few days - here's your answer. I thought it would only be missing in action for a few days, but it looks like I'll be computer-less for the next week! Oh, the drama!

Anyway, I'll still be checking my e-mail when I get the chance but I won't be able to go through everything until I get back. Be sure to send me all kinds of super-cool e-mails to read when I finally do have it back in my possession!

Stay beautiful, angels~

Penelope ♥


Sarah Von said...

Get well soon, Macbook!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hope your Macbook gets well soon! Being without a computer is so frustrating!

kc_froglady said...

I hope your MAC is able to get fixed quickly for you - stinks being without the computer LOL!

J Leona said...

Hello Penelope!

I really enjoyed your blog. It’s so pretty and you have such beautiful pictures. I put you down as a fav, I plan to visit you often.  I’m also interested in the Book Club thing and I plan to send you some of my fav books. It was good to meet you!

I Love Your Blog~Swap 4

My Stifled Laughter said...

Oh noes! =0 I hope it gets fixed soon!

Penny Lane said...

oh poopsies.

ah well, such is life! we shall miss you! much love and happiness!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penelope,
I found your website when I joined to your swap group. I really liked your weblog. I also like vintage things. Well, I like to collect everything cute such as letter sets, boxes cans, Peanuts souvenirs, cute umbrellas :)

Kate said...

Hope your computer gets better soon. I miss your blog posts! <3

Ney said...

Are you coming back, sugar?

I miss the dose of creativity I get from reading your blog!

Ney said...
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