Thursday, March 12, 2009

Style Sheet - Bonjour, Paris!

In the spirit of being spontaneous and trying something new, I've decided to start a new segment around this super dizzy merry-go-round that is Cocoa, hopeful something that all of you amazing bunnies will enjoy! The Cocoa Style Sheet will be a weekly compilation of stunning a-go-go clothes, beauty products, books, places, and anything else that I can think of all centered around a rotating weekly theme. This week? That theme just so happens to be the one and only city of art, love, and style supreme - Paris, France! 

Have an idea for a theme? For a featured product? For a new and unique cupcake flavor? Let me know! I'm dying to hear your thoughts and suggestions, my mocha bunnies! Throw your two cents into the hot Cocoa cup!

TokyoMilk Parfumarie Curiosite in French Kiss
Tokyo does Paris! This little bottle of aromatic bliss describes itself as "a sweet pucker of mandarin orange, gardenia and tuberose" - and what a kiss it is! A kiss about squeaky sleek platform heels, reapplying your lipstick atop the Eiffel Tower and oversized black berets worn by tiny girls sipping cafe au lait, French Kiss captures all of those wonderful kisses that the hometown of sizzling love has to offer.
Where to buy:

Retro-Style Chanel Brooch
What would Paris be without fashion? Without haute couture and incurable style? This stunning brooch takes its wearer back to the vintage days of French mode in a way that brilliantly captures the style legacy of its company's founder, Cocoa Chanel. In the words of the decadent fashion dame herself, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." Luckily this effervescent accessory just so happens to be both! 
Where to buy:

Almondine Bakery
New York Magazine named this itsy-bitsy pastry cafe the "Best Bakery in New York" for 2009 - an all-too deserving title for the Dumbo-based shop which serves up sticky sweet croissants, oversized mugs of bittersweet hot chocolate, and sugar-dusted raspberry doughnuts daily. A heaven on Earth for those world travelers looking for the best French bite a little closer to home, Almondine is never one to disappoint, whether its clients be casual Brooklynites with a incurable sweet tooth or tried-and-true Parisians.
Where to enjoy: 85 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl
"Ever wonder what gives French women that je ne sais qua?" The back of this fabulous, flirtatious, and all-around awe inspiring book reads. "At first you might think it's the elegant figure, matchless style, and mysterious allure. Then you realize those qualities don't come from just anywhere. They come from generations of women raised to cultivate an extraordinary sense of self. French women know who they are, like who they are, and excel at presenting who they are." A thrilling roadmap to the lessons learned from a multitude of French women, Entre Nous shows that any woman can capture their unique and charismatic charm - all they need is a little bit of style, lots of spunk, and that enduring spirit that tells a girl to always hold her head high and never give up!
Where to buy:

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My Stifled Laughter said...

I really like this new idea (especially the first theme!) Perhaps a fiesta theme or a ballet-dance theme, or even a flying theme (or something of the sort.) Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

This post was beautiful! Perhaps a springtime or summertime theme, what with the warm weather and beautiful days&nights ahead? I love your blog, I check it constantly for new and fabulous things, & I am NEVER disappointed!

The Sequin Cat said...

J'ADORE this post!


Jade said...

what an inspiring post! I adore your journal, &hope you will update again soon :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely things. Such lovely lovely things. It's terrible you haven't updated, because each time I click on your blog I have to resist the lovely lovely things again!

Anonymous said...

Lovely things. Such lovely lovely things. It's terrible you haven't updated, because each time I click on your blog I have to resist the lovely lovely things again!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a new reader, here. I found you via the Alice in Wonderland style post, and I find I'm attracted to your descriptive wording, so here I am!
I've been considering creating a similar blog myself. :] So if you have any particular advice for a new blogger, feel free to give it.

Anywho, just announcing my arrival, really. Figured I'd do it on this post since I'm in love with the whole French woman allure... totally might get that book, actually.
But I feel I rock it pretty good already ;D

Penny Lane said...

oh how i adore you :)
i am taking french next term and am so, so excited for it! thank you for posting these things and helping me get in the right mind set! you are scrumptious ;)